The Theory Diagram

The Theory Diagram

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hi,fans! This is JY. Being that this site is fairly new, I'm looking for ideas to use in building the site. Comment below with what you think should be on the site, and, I'll be honest, consider it. Your idea might eventually get shot down, but I'll consider it. Fair?... I THINK NOT!!! Enjoy the site.

P.S. A gigawatt (pronounced ji-ga-wot) is a unit of energy used to power the flux capacitor. There are 1,000,000,000 watts in a gigawatt. Your laptop charger uses around 130 watts...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Lumby Theory

The Lumby Theory, created by a teacher in MN, states that in the movie Back to the Future, there were two Delorean time machines in the year 1855.
Summarized: Originally, Doc went back in time (to approx. 1855) so that Marty could find the hidden Delorean in the future. However, Marty discovers that Doc is in trouble, so he goes back to save him. By going back, he has now placed two time machines in 1855... unless:
Doc theorized that when they use the time machine, they create an alternate timeline. If that is so, it is possible that the Delorean would be put on an alternate timeline, instead of on the same one that Doc originally hid. Then, however, did the first time machine (the one that Doc hid), ever reach Marty?
Also, when the Delorean runs out of gas, they are forced to use a train to get it at the required speed for takeoff. They would not have needed to do this if they had just used the gas from the original time machine. Therefore, there is a flaw in the film Back to the Future.

It's all very complicated, I know. Feel free to post your views below, and we may alter our theory based on your thoughts. Thanks for the support.
The Lumby Crew